Extracts from Video Recorded Statements or Written Testimoty.

“First of all I would like to thank Prof. C.F. Joseph for giving this education.

I feel more learned today and more recharged. I have attended mnay courses from Ron Kaufman, Bob Nelson, Deepak Chopra, Shive Khera, Madan Kataria.

However, this the best course I have attended so far. What I have learned from this course is something different.

It is a mixture of many things, to do with motivation and other value systems for a well balanced personal and professional life……………….” Participant Englineer By Profession.

.”I have attended almost every Personality Development Program conducted by various trainers  here in Dubai. In all the others I heard high level theoretical concepts quoted from Socrates, Aristotle etc.

They were high sounding .But after hearing Prof. C.F. Joseph right through the week-long programs, I feel I have attended something worth while at last. His conviction about issues like role and meaning of work in one’s life, commitment and loyalty to employers who give us an opportunity to make a living, maintaining standards of ethics etc. gives me a new sense of direction and achievement. I have no hesitation to say this is the  best program I have so far attended. His real life life-long learning experience and his experience from his work life enrich the experience of participants. I would strongly recommend every adult to attend this program and begin to believe that you too are “Born To Excel” in life.”  Participant Engineer by profession.


 A Tribute

By Mr. Jamal Mohammad Bank Manager, Kuwait

“He plays Music to our ears

He makes our ears yearn for music of life

He smiles at you

He makes you smile

He dreams with you

He makes you dream success

He talks about relationship

He relates himself to our soul

He instills happiness in our life

He gives purposes to our sorrowful living

He awakens your mind

He freshens your thinking

He makes success look easy

He makes easy our challenges

He calls you to be ambitious

He makes you ambitious

 He makes you think big

He makes you believe in yourself

He gives positive strokes

He gives words of hope

He holds light of kindness

He spreads the lamp of peace, tranquility, and happiness

He implores us to be a: a better Husband, a better wife, a better father, a better child, a better colleague, a better human being

Is it Money or mission?

Is it business or service to mankind?

Is it our happiness: – his life’s goal

Is it our success: – his life’s ambition

Is it our children’s prosperity: – his life’s mission

You are an enigma

You are the world

You are the embodiment of happiness

You make this place a better place to live.”


Video Taped Comments of


About “Born To Excel” Adult Program.

Hon’ble Chairman, Your Excellencies,


And dear friends,


“Born To Excel” program has been an excellent learning experience for me. It has given me confidence in Public Speaking and I can remember things much better. In fact I am now managing my time constructively and do not hang on to the stressful situations. I appreciate eustress and use it. More than ever before, I care about the feelings of my family members and colleagues at work. It has generated a new wave of love, affection and renewed responsibility about my children and wife. Prof Joseph as a teacher has made a great impact on my sensibilities. I feel fortunate to have attended this course where Prof. Joseph has delivered simple but critical message about how to live effectively         is a deep sense of gratitude and imprints on my mind of the teachings of this great philosopher of life. Prof Joseph has conducted this ‘down to earth’ “basic happy and successful life support course” in holistic terms. I salute this magnanimous teacher and wish him well to reach his teachings far beyond the horizons of this continent. Thanks.



A. SILVA (Manager – Project Finance) “A few days ago I just could not imagine myself standing in front of an audience and speaking. Now I am definitely able to speak in public with confidence. This was made possible by this training programme conducted by Mr. C. F. Joseph. I have not only learned the art of public speaking, but also skills in memory, creative thinking, time management, stress management and good business etiquette and manners have made me a more confident person. I sincerely thank Mr. C. F. Joseph for what you have done for us. Thank You.”

ANWAR AHMED (Marketing Executive – Computer)

“By joining and going through this course, I have gained a great deal of self confidence in myself. I have found myself making more friends easily. Believe me it has changed my life. My sales efforts are showing greater results. This course will be very useful to all of us in our future lives. Let us keep in touch and encourage each other to succeed in life. Thank you Mr. Joseph for your help.”

HUSSAIN IBRAHIM (Telecommunications specialist)

“I have attended many training programmes of international quality in my life. However the entire programme of Mr. Joseph is something very new in approach and methods. It’s really great. The multimedia approach together with his very effective and inspiring stories made me enjoy every minute of this programme. I am recharged with a lot of self-confidence and I will be able to use the skills well in my life. Thank you.”

JENSON JOHN (Bank Employee)

“Before joining this programme I had great stage fear. I had even greater problem with time and stress management. I needed more than 24 hours in a day to do my work. But after following the time management techniques, I learned in this course, I finish my work well within time and I have time for my friends and myself. The multimedia approach made the course very interesting and easy to learn. The course has done a lot for me. Thank you.”

PINAKI CHAKRABORTY (Marketing Manager)

“In fact before joining the course, communication as such was not a real problem for me. But it was often limited to one to one communication situations. However, whenever I was called up to speak to an audience, I definitely had jitters. The practical training given to me by Mr. Joseph has made me able to organize and present my speeches effectively. The principles and techniques we learned in this course will go along way in our lives. I consider myself fortunate to be under the able guidance of professional like Mr. C. F. Joseph. I thank you for this effective course.”

DR. SAIF J. AKBAR (Veterinary Surgeon)

“I was always eager to know the secrets of success. This course has given me five tips or secrets to my success. One was the Personality development, the second was the Leadership ability, the third was Memory, the fourth was Time Management and fifth was Stress Management. Believe me when I say that these principles will help me in my future. Mr. C. F. Joseph, whose heart warming and excellent presentations made this course very enjoyable. We are sure what we learned from him will open our hearts and minds and lead us to the path of success in our lives.”

GREGORY J. DIAS (Electronics Engineer)

“When this course was advertised I thought to myself would it be not better for me to buy some books, audiotapes etc. on these topics and learn these skills by myself! However, when I attended the Free Audio Visual Presentations, which were very captivating, I immediately decided to join the programme. I’m very happy that I did. Now here I am standing in front of you all speaking confidently. The method of teaching and learning with all these videos, audiotapes, slides and exercises was a new experience for me. We have a new perspective for life now. We are now on our way to success in life. Thank you Mr. Joseph.” Ms.

SHIREEN AHMED (Graduate Teacher)

“My opinion about this programme is that it was a great learning experience to be applied both professionally and personally. This programme has definitely enhanced our skills in public speaking and many others areas. It is a programme, which will help us in building up our future. My heart felt thanks to our trainer Mr. C. F. Joseph who has created in every one of us a great feeling that we are Born To Excel.”

ANTHONY EDWARDS (National Service Manager, BMW, U.A.E)

“If you think you are successful in life, please come to this course and find yourself surprised. There are many new things yet to be learned about yourself, life and future. I can only say that after this course you can be confident that you can really see real success in your life.”

IMTIAZ AHMED KHAN (Marketing Manager)

“ I had joined this course with reasonable expectations. At the end of these sessions I can proudly say that I have achieved much more than I expected. The efforts put in by Prof. C. F. Joseph and the knowledge imparted by him shall always be cherished and reflected in positive attitudes we shall carry in our lives.”

 GEORGE MATHEN (General Manager)

“The benefits of this programme are (a) I regained my sense of relaxation (b) A better approach to problems and situations (c) Better personal relations (d) Better confidence at public appearances I request participants to keep in touch with each other and organize periodic get together to recharge our batteries.”

ABDUL JALAL (Admn. And Personnel Manager)

“As soon as I attended the audio visual presentation, understood that there are a lot of things I need to update in my skills in order to achieve better achievements. Now I am confident that I took a wise decision to join this course. “Born To Excel” has awarded me a lot of skills better than any training seminar I had attended in the past. Now I have set clear goals in life and I am confident of achieving them.”


“I would take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for the guidance and advice received during the programme. Now I have gained self-confidence and good command of myself. I am grateful to you Mr. Joseph.”

SANTHOSH RODRIGUES (Estimating Enginner)

“The ‘Born To Excel’ programme was very well organised, professional, lively and interesting. I must thank you for instilling in me the confidence that I am ‘Born To Excel’ too and succeed in life.”

Famco Al-Futtaim Auto and Machinery Company P.O.Box: 5502, Dubai, U.A.E Tel: 858861,858697 Fax: 858446,851279 E-mail:famco@alfuttaim.co.ae www.famcouae.com


We have the pleasure to certify that Prof. C. F. Joseph conducted a training course for about three months on a number of subjects, such as Leadership, Delegation, Communication, Motivation, Commitment, Time Management, etc. In addition to above subjects Prof. C. F. Joseph also conducted for some of our junior employees a Basic English course. The courses conducted by Prof. C. F. Joseph were so exhaustive, wide ranging and enormous that they will definitely have a very positive and significant effect on almost every aspect of our social, cultural, economic, and professional life. We have found Prof. Joseph not only an excellent trainer but also a man of outstanding knowledge, expertise, and vision. Far more interesting and remarkable is his art of presentation. His presentation and public speaking skills are so lucid, alluring, impressive and pleasant that it not only reaches the brains but also touches the hearts of his audience. This training programme has without any doubt been a resounding success. Our people are now not only more determined and confident to implement the SAP System (a new System Application Product which will replace our present computer system) but also they are now more committed to their jobs. The feedback we have received from Project Team that our people are far better trained, motivated and confident to implement the new system than any other member of our group, bears a clear testimony to the success of Prof. Joseph’s training programme. We have plans to organise refresher courses from time to time and at this moment we bid farewell to Prof. Joseph with heavy heart. We recommend him without any reservation to any organisation intending to embark upon training and development of their staff.



By the Business Community For the Business Community August 3, 2002 By fax: 3362684 Professor C. F. Joseph ,Dubai U.A.E.

RE: Evaluation of Workshop on Excellence in Sales and Marketing

Dear Prof. Joseph,

Thank you for participating with Dubai Quality Group in conducting the workshop in Sales and Customer Service. In response to your email sent regarding your feedback on the workshop, I do share your views on the fact that participants were from middle and senior positions and that would make communication during the course more complex. That is why we witness different responses from participant’s feedback; : Presenter: 74% Topic: 66% Content: 69% Venue: 78% General: 71% Average evaluation of workshop is 72% Every workshop that is conducted gives us the know – how and skills to provide our market with effective forums for professional growth. We have provided you with the evaluation of this workshop as part of our steps to make future activities more tailored to suit our market needs. Again we would like to thank you for your cooperation and wish you the best of luck in the coming activities you are involved in. feel free to contact me should you need further clarification. Best Regards, Rima Khodr Events Marketing Executive