“Develop Your Personality” – Program For Executives

Topics Public Speaking Creativity at work Goal Setting Stress Management Time Management Assertiveness Training Corporate Soft Skills (Leadership and Personality Development Programs for Executives.) Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. Memory Training for Effective Executive Performance. Creative Thinking-Key to Success in Corporate life. Accelerated Learning and Reading for Executives. Effective Time Management. Effective Stress Management. Habits of Successful People. Assertiveness Training for Executives. Goal Setting for Success. Control Anger and be Assertive. Refresher Course for Marketing Executives. Attitude For Success. Sales and Customer Service. Sales Closing Techniques. Selling to Tough Customers. Telephone Skills. Communicate For Success.

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Organize For Success. Win -Win Negotiations. Influencing People with a Positive Attitude. Team Building Incorporations. Effective corporate leadership training. Effective Listening Skills. Effective Written Business Communications. Business Correspondence Business Presentation Business Report Business Etiquette and Manners. Change Management Conflicts Management Ethics in Business Everyday Negotiating Guide Humour at Work Interviewing Skills Winning at Interviews. People Skills for Executives Speak English the way the World Does Ideal Teachers. Refresher Course

for Teachers. Ideal Parenting. Refresher Course for Parents to help Children succeed in life