Training Students at Placid Vidya Vihar S.S.School.Changnacherry

Just conducted Three Full Days of training  on 5th, 6th and 7th of May for all students of 7th, 8th and 9th Standards at Placid Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School, Changanacherry. About 600 students participated and I found the school and children really very eager to make a real difference in life. We had real fun for three full days.

More can be expected soon.

Training Program at Meghalaya for Teachers and Student Leaders

Photos of the Training Programs at Meghalaya for Teachers and Student Leaders conducted by Prof. C F Joseph from 28th March to 10th April 2014.

IMG_0301 IMG_0313 IMG_0315 IMG_0323 IMG_0338 IMG_0369 IMG_0349


Next program for students will be conducted in the auditorium of RiversideInn Muttar from 28th April to 4th May. Parents and Students are welcome to the free sessions on 25th / 26th / 27 th at 5 pm.


Personality Development Program for Students by Prof. C. F. Joseph

Leadership and Personality Development Programs for Students by Prof. C. F. Joseph

Topics :

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I too am a TEENAGER Born To Excel. Excel, I will

This book is dedicated to all the teenagers in the world. You were Born To Excel. May you have the capability, strength and discipline to live your life from the inside out, and may you maintain a

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“Develop Your Personality” – Program For Executives

Topics Public Speaking Creativity at work Goal Setting Stress Management Time Management Assertiveness Training Corporate Soft Skills (Leadership and Personality Development Programs for Executives.) Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. Memory Training for Effective Executive Performance. Creative Thinking-Key to Success in Corporate life. Accelerated Learning and Reading for Executives. Effective Time Management. Effective Stress Management. Habits of Successful People. Assertiveness Training for Executives. Goal Setting for Success. Control Anger and be Assertive. Refresher Course for Marketing Executives. Attitude For Success. Sales and Customer Service. Sales Closing Techniques. Selling to Tough Customers. Telephone Skills. Communicate For Success.

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Organize For Success. Win -Win Negotiations. Influencing People with a Positive Attitude. Team Building Incorporations. Effective corporate leadership training. Effective Listening Skills. Effective Written Business Communications. Business Correspondence Business Presentation Business Report Business Etiquette and Manners. Change Management Conflicts Management Ethics in Business Everyday Negotiating Guide Humour at Work Interviewing Skills Winning at Interviews. People Skills for Executives Speak English the way the World Does Ideal Teachers. Refresher Course

for Teachers. Ideal Parenting. Refresher Course for Parents to help Children succeed in life

Aptitude Testing

Dear Parents and Students,

We wish to draw your attention to the Educational and Vocational Guidance and counseling facilities we provide. As you may be aware there is a tendency among parents to reserve seats for their wards in Medical and Engineering Colleges without assessing the Aptitudes or Interest of the boys and girls for the professions. Our Guidance and Counseling Department conducts Aptitude Tests, Interest Inventory and Personality Assessment to scientifically assess aptitudes, personality and interests of boys and girls and provides guidance for Educational and Career Pursuits.


For Students of VIII to XII Standards. Tests from the Manshyan Corporation of Delhi, have been tailor made and standardized for students of 8th to 12th standards.

Areas of Aptitudes Tested

Verbal Reasoning (VR) – 30 mins. Test of English language capability.
Numerical Ability (NA) – 30 mins. Test of Mathematical capability.
Abstract Reasoning (AR) – 25 mins. Test of ability to in areas of Thinking, Reasoning, Problem Solving and Decision Making.
Space Relations (SR) – 30 mins. Test of ability in Three Dimensional Visual ability and depth perception and sense of direction.
Mechanical Reasoning (MR) – 30 mins. Test of understanding ability in science areas in general and applied Physics in particular.
Clerical Speed and Accuracy (C+A) Part I 3mins. And Part II 3mins. Test of sharpness of Eye, Brain and Hand coordination.
Language Usage Spelling (SP) – 10 mins. Test of ability in Spelling in English.
Sentence Completion. (ST) – 25mins. Test of ability in English Grammar.


Areas of Interests Tested

School Subjects
Professional Activities
Leisure Activities
Types of people
Preference of activities
Personal Characteristics

3) Personality Evaluation of different Characteristics of the student.


Each student will receive a detailed percentile graph and score evaluation in each area. Every case is personally evaluated and interpreted by Prof. C.F. Joseph, Education and Career Guidance Specialist, the Director of the Born To Excel Success Motivation Center. In most cases the suggestions provided are more than enough for parents and students to take the right decision as the reports are very precise and dependable.

Individual Counseling Session is conducted for student s and parents who some times may seek further clarification. The results are discussed with both Parents and the student. Special tips are given how to get ready for the selected career Goal right from now and succeed in the Chosen Career.


INTELLIGENCE – Many jobs require high intelligence. A good IQ test is recommended in early childhood.
APTITUDES – These are basic abilities of qualities present for performance and are indicative of future performance. They are relatively constant and are not going to change much under normal circumstances. There are nine types of recognized aptitudes: Verbal, Numerical, Reasoning, Spatial, and Form Perception, Clerical eye hand coordination, Motor Speed, Finger Dexterity, and Manual Dexterity. Some jobs require one or more combinations of some of these aptitudes to perform well on them.
INTERESTS – It is just a liking or disliking of things, persons or activities. Yet, it plays a very important role in selecting a career that one likes. Areas of Interest could be Engineering Physical Sciences and Technical, Health and Life Sciences, Teaching and Welfare, Administrative and Clerical, Sales, Literary, Artistic, Musical, Out-door or Indoors, etc.
PERSONALITY TYPES – Our personality is a sum total of many traits which give a particular shape to our individuality. Such traits can be Responsibility, Sociability, Self Confidence, Industry, Initiative, Emotional Stability, Leadership and Seriousness of purpose. A-type, which is very active, and B-type, which is very passive.
PHYSICAL STATURE – Occupations put certain demands on their performers in terms of Height, Weight, Chest measurement, Sound Health, Endurance, and Stamina, etc. One should evaluate these factors before deciding on a career.
JOB VALUES – Most people are very conscious about the job values such as Leadership, Esteem, Interesting Experience, Power, Fame, Status, Security, Profit, Self – Expression, and Independence.
ECONOMIC FACTORS – Economic trends must be studied before making on a career choice. One should also be prepared to upgrade skills as required by the economic deviations and fluctuations of the job market.
FAMILY – Family background and

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family members have a significant influence on the choice of career of most people. Educated parents give greater value to education. Business families may not place that much importance to higher education. Of late even the business people have become very conscious of the need for having their children become competent people to manage their business with world – class standards.
SOCIAL FACTORS – Everyone moves from the initial Dependence stage to second Independent stage and then to the third Interdependent stage. This is where social consideration comes in and everyone is by force to tune in to some degree if he wishes to succeed in life.
INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES – Each one will be able to perform only according to inborn abilities and acquired skills. No two individuals are alike. So each one finds a different job better suited to his aptitude, interest and personality.
EDUCATION – According to the levels of education achieved whether in general, technical or professional area, the types of job done also vary.
DECISIONAL – Some decisions we take at various stages of our lives have a lifetime impact on us. A decision made on the choice of stream of learning after the X Standard. The choice made after an entrance exam result. The type of institutions you decided to attend. The type and level of pay at which you decided to start up your career. Some of these decisions are made with clear plans and clear head. Some unfortunately made on situational forces and helplessness. The outcome can be positive or detrimental.
PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE – Our outlook towards life can be the greatest influencing factor when it comes to final settling into a career. It may mean going into pure social service, it may mean working with materials, money or people, etc.
CONTINGENT FACTORS – The situations in life and in the world of economics, politics that affect our lives must be faces with the best of our

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abilities to survive in the world today.
In addition to the above factors there are more specific issues to be considered before deciding on a job.

SALARY AND BENEFITS – No one really employs anyone in this world. We are all in real terms self – employed except in the bureaucratic permanent lifetime jobs of the Governments in some countries. In the real world of employment competition, we are all self-employed. What this means is, if we do not produce much more than what we are paid, we will not be kept in employment by any company. In other words we are paying the

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company owners or else we are out. Having said this, it is moral responsibility of every employed person to be true to his conscience and put in a full days hard work. We must learn

to be loyal to the employer who risks a lot to give us a platform to make a living. If we want to feel the tension and anxiety the company owners and investors have, we must try some of our own self – employment avenues for a while. Then we will really understand the value of what is meant by DUTY before RIGHTS, a concept often ignored by many working people today. A man gets paid according to his contribution most of the time. If we are underpaid we ourselves are responsible for it.
WORKING CONDITIONS – Those who are qualified can choose the conditions. Others who do not have that option must learn to fall in love with the conditions and make the best of it or look for more suitable opportunities.
WORK ENVIRONMENT – It may vary from extreme cold to heat or from very safe to very risky. The choice is yours to make.
WORK HAZARDS – Every job has its own hazards. Be aware of them and accept them if you wish.
WORK RULES AND REGULATIONS – Every one must fall in line with the goals of the organization to achieve its goals. Must learn the discipline of work hand in hand with Win – Win attitude to succeed in life.
PRESSURES OF WORK – Stress is a part of most work. It can be a source of tension and anxiety. Learn methods of stress management with scientific ways to cope and enjoy life. Make tensions work for you and benefit from them than get crushes under.
WORK ETHICS – Each one must find his own ethics at work. There is no future in any job. The future is in the hands of the one who is holding and performing at the job.
“IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UPTO ME.” Those who never take any positive calculated risks never achieve anything worthwhile in life. For some work is a drudgery, for other it is source of livelihood, for yet others it is a source of fulfilling themselves and their dreams in life and leave legacy behind them. “SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE WORK SMART AND NOT HARD.

THEY WORK TO LIVE, THEY DO NOT LIVE TO WORK.” CORE GAINS RESULTS ACQUISITION OF SKILLS VOCATIONAL ADJUSTMENTS BEST USE OF POTENTIAL VOCATIONAL SUCCESS WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER VOCATIONAL SATISFACTION FEW HEALTH PROBLEMS EMPLOYER’S HAPPINESS LESS ABSENTEEISM RISE IN STATUS SYSTEMATIC PRODUCTIVITY RISE IN EMOLUMENTS REFINEMENT RECOGNITION CONCLUSION If you did not get the job you loved, learn to fall in love with the one you get and make the best of it and live well. Generally, if you plan well in advance you will get what you want in life. If you do not plan or are too late to plan and decide, then fate is in charge of your life and not you.



Curriculum Vitae – C F Joseph

Name C.F.Joseph Education

  • Advanced Management Training.
  • Roosevelt University of Chicago.U.S.A.
  • Business Management. Bhavan’s College. Bombay.
  • M.A. Master of Industrial and Educational Psychology. Pune. University.
  • First Class and First Rank of the University.


Training Experience

Areas of Training

  • Team Work in Corporations.
  • Communication Skills at work place and personal life.
  • Memory Skills for success at work place and in personal life.
  • Creativity at work place and in real life.
  • Time management skills for productivity at work place.
  • Balancing time between professional life and personal life.
  • Stress Management for health professional life and personal life.
  • Win-Win communication with people around at work place.
  • Negotiation skills and assertiveness training.
  • International Business Etiquette and Manners.
  • Customer Service.
  • Dealing with tough customers.
  • Sale Training.
  • 21 Effective Sales Closing Techniques.
  • Public Speaking Skills.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Making the most of company meetings.
  • Ideal Employee attitudes and participation.
  • Loyalty and Commitment at Work Place and in life.
  • Supervisory Skills training.
  • Habits of Successful People.
  • Habits of effective managers.
  • Goal setting for success in life.
  • Ideal Family.
  • How can parents make sure their children succeed in life.
  • How to study using accelerated learning for students.
  • Aptitude Testing, Interest Evaluation, Personality Assessment
  • Career Guidance.
  • Training in TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT and help and guidance for admissions in institutions abroad.
  • Speak English the Way the World Does is a special program promoted with advanced software from Olivia Education Systems, Bangalore , India. Easy, quick way for Indians to speak English the way the world does. The product is available just for Rs. 2000 for five CDs, for those interested.


What is Education? John Naisbitt and Patricia Aburdone in their book Re – inventing the Corporation said, “The job of education is to prepare students for life, a large portion of which is work. Yet here is a profound mismatch between what the wok place needs and what the schools are providing.” The system of education invented during he Industrial Era is proving horrendously inadequate for today, and will definitely be useless for the Information Era of the 21st Century. The 3 “R”s of old viz. Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic, as they are made of the be – all and end – all of Education, they have become synonymous with Remedial, Repetitious and Rote. The fundamental building blocks of old have to be augmented with the 3 “R”s of the new era, viz. Thinking, Learning and Creativity (TLC), referred also to Tender, Loving, Care an element most essential to good education. These are concepts proposed by a system that see man only as an entity in this materialistic world and misses out on the role of education to him as an individual with social, moral and spiritual aspects that make him a complete human being. Therefore a forth element of Education in Human Values that build moral foundation has to be added if the society is to live in peace in the years to come. The need for this 4th dimension of Education is well summarized in an epilogue, a note from a principal quoted in Dr. Haim G. Ginott’s book “Teacher and Child.” “I am a survivor of a concentration camp. My eyes saw what no man should witness: Gas chambers built by Learned Engineers, Children poisoned by Education Physicians, Infants killed by Trained Nurses, Women and babies shot and burned by High School and College Graduates, So I am suspicious of Education, My request is: Help your students to become human. Your efforts should never produce Learned Monsters, Skilled Psychopaths and Educated Eichmanns. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are important only if they serve to make our children more humane.” Dr. Jum Sai, World renowned Thai scientist, who successfully designed he landing device for Viking now spending all his time on Human Value Education, says “The purpose of education is o achieve peace and happiness of human race. These can be achieved only if our children grow up deeply rooted in concepts of Love, Peace and Justice.” A Different View Education is NOT Preparation for Life, but it is Living Itself. Let us train our children to Enjoy everyday of their lives as they grow up with us in our homes and schools. Let them not miss out on the good things of childhood with dreams of chasing a mirage of the future. The future will take care of itself if we train them o make he best use of their TIME and TALENTS here and now. Literacy Vs. Education All literate men are not necessarily educated. All educated me are literate. The concept of real education is not only the filling of brain with information, but to train the social, moral, and spiritual aspects of ma which makes him a whole man. There are many literate men in this world who are very conscious of their RIGHTS but do not care for their DUTIES. They are ready to do anything to get to the top, even if it means walking over the dead bodies of his fellowmen. Our animal nature with unending wants, greed and with he principle of the jungle viz. survival of the fittest, we twist our tongues to ruin the reputation and fair chance of our neighbor and even go to the extend of literally killing our fellowmen to reach our greedy goals. Where did we develop this tendency? Man eater tiger cubs reared and brought up along with lambs did not learn and develop its supposedly innate killer instincts. If this is proven, do you think human infants are born with innate tendency to hate, cheat and hurt other human beings? Or do you think they learn all such habits like the good ones from older children or from us adults? Story of the child who stole a pencil from school and the parents’ reaction to it. “I could bring one from the office store.” Role Model of Parents. Children imitate their parents and teachers. They also consider tem infallible. For example, reading habits of children is directly proportionate to the reading habits of parents. Similarly on every good and bad

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habit children follow our example. Having analyzed all these factors, let us now turn our attention to the need of the hour, viz. how to develop in our children the modern 4 R’s viz. THINKING, LEARNING, CREATIVITY AND CHARACTER. 1. THINKING . Repeated test results on today’s working adults, and secondary school children, prove great weakness in all areas of thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving ability and inferential reading ability. We have come to this sorry state of affairs because of our overemphasis on MARKS (scores) in all examination systems. This has forced our children to deed on their mechanical and rote memory faculty to learn by heart all the contents and reproduce in examination to score high. Hey forget most of what they remembered this way soon after he examinations. Our schools today tell our children a lot of WHAT to learn and provide very little guidance HOW to learn. There are many ways to train our memory ad thinking abilities. One of the ways is to get children to ask WHAT, HOW and WHY on everything they learn. This helps to relate and compare and understand the subject rather than photocopy o record like in a floppy disk. Thinking is the ability to synthesize and make generalizations, to divide into categories, to draw inferences, to distinguish between fact and opinion in order to analyze a problem. Edward de Bono said, “Thinking has to with the way information is arranged and rearranged to make decisions, solve problems, create opportunities and raise human potential. Thinking is the most fundamental and important skill. Like all human skills, it can be learned and developed. Information is no substitute for thinking and thinking is no substitute for information.” In a world with over abundance of information, there is a danger of being buried under it, if we do not learn to think and sort them and use them to our advantage. Researches in St. Xavier’s

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University, New Orleans, and Totowa New Jersey have beyond doubt proven that developing thinking ability early in children improve their skill in Maths and Science significantly. To quote Nat Gancola, superindent of school, Totowa, “In our view critical thinking and ability to solve problems are the most important skills we can give our youngsters today.” 2. LEARNING (Life Long Learning) Most parents today force their children to take up either Medicine or Engineering or Accountancy without any consideration to the Aptitudes or Interest of the children. Most parents do not recognize the simple fact that Intelligence is inherited from with reference to their physical appearance; we do not hesitate to compare our children with other children when it comes to their intellectual performance. What we really need to do if we want our children to be successful in life is to inculcate in them love for Life Long Learning, a habit of curiosity, looking for new knowledge to keep up with the changing trends at least in areas related to their professional commitments. This can be done only if we parents set an example of we ourselves continuing to read and learn our lives. In advanced countries many college classrooms are filled with adult learners who are changing careers to keep up with the changing times. In India, Kerala has set a shining example by drawing old

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people in to free class rooms and making the state the most literate in India, and one of the best literate in the world. If today you find so many Keralites in the Middle East, the root goes back to 1957 when the Government ordered compulsory education for all children from five years of age. Children were given healthy lunch in the school free to attract children from the farms and the markets. The fruits are today. 3. CREATIVITY (Anthropreneurship) In today’s and tomorrow’s world it is the IDEA man who will have an edge over his fellow workers. Can Creativity be taught or learned? Yes. Categorically Yes. Early in life let the child be exposed to things around him and be allowed to explore them without fear, unless the item is likely to hurt the child. Encourage their questions of curiosity. Do not ask them to shut up when they ask questions that irritate us or we do not know the answer for. Least we can do is to show him how and where we can find the answers. He then picks up the clue and looks for information in future on his own. (Three year old asks why shadows have no color?) As they learn teach them to compare, differentiate, sort, group, etc. Also teach them to challenge the rules, critically examine the existing rules. If they show tendency to fall out of love with our rules of thinking, encourage them, as long as it does not trespass on to ethical and moral issues. Teach them to enjoy jokes, and crack jokes. Many a creative ideas have originated from jovial and funny situations. Research also indicates soothing music and exercises of relaxation and meditation encourages creative thinking. Many US schools today teach children to close their eyes and observe silence and mentally rehearse the activity they are going to do. This exercise like in case of Olympic athletes has proven to be very effective in improving their creative ability in all their academic and non – academic work. In fact the 4R’s of Los Angeles Public Schools today are Relaxation, Reflexion, Re-creation and Renewal. Creativity develops self-reliance and anthropreneurship. We need to develop men and women who are anthropreneurs who will create opportunities in life for themselves and employment for others. Instead of producing people who will stand in line for jobs, let us produce those who will seek out new avenues to create those jobs for the world. 4. CHARACTER (Moral Education) This is an old saying “If wealth is lost nothing is lost, but if health is lost something is lost and if Character is lost everything is lost.” It may sound like a mere joke to us moderns who care more about our materialistic gains at any cost and forget that our fellow men too have the same desires, goals and rights. We were not born with the negative ways; we have developed them instead of developing the positive things that Dr. Jum Sai speaks about. If our children pick up trends of jealousy, anger, hatred, prejudice, deceitfulness, we need not blame the society or anyone else except ourselves. (Child plays happily with even the venomous snake until we till him to hate it or fear it.) We have to develop the entire human child and make him more humane with a deep conviction in the providence of God and a commitment to the fundamental human values of love, peace and justice. Unless we set our example to our children to pick up this 4th R also along with the rest of the R’s we will have a world full of criminals who will kill each other instead of helping each other to make a happy and peaceful world in our old age.