Aptitude Testing

Dear Parents and Students,

We wish to draw your attention to the Educational and Vocational Guidance and counseling facilities we provide. As you may be aware there is a tendency among parents to reserve seats for their wards in Medical and Engineering Colleges without assessing the Aptitudes or Interest of the boys and girls for the professions. Our Guidance and Counseling Department conducts Aptitude Tests, Interest Inventory and Personality Assessment to scientifically assess aptitudes, personality and interests of boys and girls and provides guidance for Educational and Career Pursuits.


For Students of VIII to XII Standards. Tests from the Manshyan Corporation of Delhi, have been tailor made and standardized for students of 8th to 12th standards.

Areas of Aptitudes Tested

Verbal Reasoning (VR) – 30 mins. Test of English language capability.
Numerical Ability (NA) – 30 mins. Test of Mathematical capability.
Abstract Reasoning (AR) – 25 mins. Test of ability to in areas of Thinking, Reasoning, Problem Solving and Decision Making.
Space Relations (SR) – 30 mins. Test of ability in Three Dimensional Visual ability and depth perception and sense of direction.
Mechanical Reasoning (MR) – 30 mins. Test of understanding ability in science areas in general and applied Physics in particular.
Clerical Speed and Accuracy (C+A) Part I 3mins. And Part II 3mins. Test of sharpness of Eye, Brain and Hand coordination.
Language Usage Spelling (SP) – 10 mins. Test of ability in Spelling in English.
Sentence Completion. (ST) – 25mins. Test of ability in English Grammar.


Areas of Interests Tested

School Subjects
Professional Activities
Leisure Activities
Types of people
Preference of activities
Personal Characteristics

3) Personality Evaluation of different Characteristics of the student.


Each student will receive a detailed percentile graph and score evaluation in each area. Every case is personally evaluated and interpreted by Prof. C.F. Joseph, Education and Career Guidance Specialist, the Director of the Born To Excel Success Motivation Center. In most cases the suggestions provided are more than enough for parents and students to take the right decision as the reports are very precise and dependable.

Individual Counseling Session is conducted for student s and parents who some times may seek further clarification. The results are discussed with both Parents and the student. Special tips are given how to get ready for the selected career Goal right from now and succeed in the Chosen Career.


INTELLIGENCE – Many jobs require high intelligence. A good IQ test is recommended in early childhood.
APTITUDES – These are basic abilities of qualities present for performance and are indicative of future performance. They are relatively constant and are not going to change much under normal circumstances. There are nine types of recognized aptitudes: Verbal, Numerical, Reasoning, Spatial, and Form Perception, Clerical eye hand coordination, Motor Speed, Finger Dexterity, and Manual Dexterity. Some jobs require one or more combinations of some of these aptitudes to perform well on them.
INTERESTS – It is just a liking or disliking of things, persons or activities. Yet, it plays a very important role in selecting a career that one likes. Areas of Interest could be Engineering Physical Sciences and Technical, Health and Life Sciences, Teaching and Welfare, Administrative and Clerical, Sales, Literary, Artistic, Musical, Out-door or Indoors, etc.
PERSONALITY TYPES – Our personality is a sum total of many traits which give a particular shape to our individuality. Such traits can be Responsibility, Sociability, Self Confidence, Industry, Initiative, Emotional Stability, Leadership and Seriousness of purpose. A-type, which is very active, and B-type, which is very passive.
PHYSICAL STATURE – Occupations put certain demands on their performers in terms of Height, Weight, Chest measurement, Sound Health, Endurance, and Stamina, etc. One should evaluate these factors before deciding on a career.
JOB VALUES – Most people are very conscious about the job values such as Leadership, Esteem, Interesting Experience, Power, Fame, Status, Security, Profit, Self – Expression, and Independence.
ECONOMIC FACTORS – Economic trends must be studied before making on a career choice. One should also be prepared to upgrade skills as required by the economic deviations and fluctuations of the job market.
FAMILY – Family background and

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family members have a significant influence on the choice of career of most people. Educated parents give greater value to education. Business families may not place that much importance to higher education. Of late even the business people have become very conscious of the need for having their children become competent people to manage their business with world – class standards.
SOCIAL FACTORS – Everyone moves from the initial Dependence stage to second Independent stage and then to the third Interdependent stage. This is where social consideration comes in and everyone is by force to tune in to some degree if he wishes to succeed in life.
INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES – Each one will be able to perform only according to inborn abilities and acquired skills. No two individuals are alike. So each one finds a different job better suited to his aptitude, interest and personality.
EDUCATION – According to the levels of education achieved whether in general, technical or professional area, the types of job done also vary.
DECISIONAL – Some decisions we take at various stages of our lives have a lifetime impact on us. A decision made on the choice of stream of learning after the X Standard. The choice made after an entrance exam result. The type of institutions you decided to attend. The type and level of pay at which you decided to start up your career. Some of these decisions are made with clear plans and clear head. Some unfortunately made on situational forces and helplessness. The outcome can be positive or detrimental.
PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE – Our outlook towards life can be the greatest influencing factor when it comes to final settling into a career. It may mean going into pure social service, it may mean working with materials, money or people, etc.
CONTINGENT FACTORS – The situations in life and in the world of economics, politics that affect our lives must be faces with the best of our

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abilities to survive in the world today.
In addition to the above factors there are more specific issues to be considered before deciding on a job.

SALARY AND BENEFITS – No one really employs anyone in this world. We are all in real terms self – employed except in the bureaucratic permanent lifetime jobs of the Governments in some countries. In the real world of employment competition, we are all self-employed. What this means is, if we do not produce much more than what we are paid, we will not be kept in employment by any company. In other words we are paying the

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company owners or else we are out. Having said this, it is moral responsibility of every employed person to be true to his conscience and put in a full days hard work. We must learn

to be loyal to the employer who risks a lot to give us a platform to make a living. If we want to feel the tension and anxiety the company owners and investors have, we must try some of our own self – employment avenues for a while. Then we will really understand the value of what is meant by DUTY before RIGHTS, a concept often ignored by many working people today. A man gets paid according to his contribution most of the time. If we are underpaid we ourselves are responsible for it.
WORKING CONDITIONS – Those who are qualified can choose the conditions. Others who do not have that option must learn to fall in love with the conditions and make the best of it or look for more suitable opportunities.
WORK ENVIRONMENT – It may vary from extreme cold to heat or from very safe to very risky. The choice is yours to make.
WORK HAZARDS – Every job has its own hazards. Be aware of them and accept them if you wish.
WORK RULES AND REGULATIONS – Every one must fall in line with the goals of the organization to achieve its goals. Must learn the discipline of work hand in hand with Win – Win attitude to succeed in life.
PRESSURES OF WORK – Stress is a part of most work. It can be a source of tension and anxiety. Learn methods of stress management with scientific ways to cope and enjoy life. Make tensions work for you and benefit from them than get crushes under.
WORK ETHICS – Each one must find his own ethics at work. There is no future in any job. The future is in the hands of the one who is holding and performing at the job.
“IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UPTO ME.” Those who never take any positive calculated risks never achieve anything worthwhile in life. For some work is a drudgery, for other it is source of livelihood, for yet others it is a source of fulfilling themselves and their dreams in life and leave legacy behind them. “SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE WORK SMART AND NOT HARD.

THEY WORK TO LIVE, THEY DO NOT LIVE TO WORK.” CORE GAINS RESULTS ACQUISITION OF SKILLS VOCATIONAL ADJUSTMENTS BEST USE OF POTENTIAL VOCATIONAL SUCCESS WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER VOCATIONAL SATISFACTION FEW HEALTH PROBLEMS EMPLOYER’S HAPPINESS LESS ABSENTEEISM RISE IN STATUS SYSTEMATIC PRODUCTIVITY RISE IN EMOLUMENTS REFINEMENT RECOGNITION CONCLUSION If you did not get the job you loved, learn to fall in love with the one you get and make the best of it and live well. Generally, if you plan well in advance you will get what you want in life. If you do not plan or are too late to plan and decide, then fate is in charge of your life and not you.